Weekly Grist Gallery, Sept. 19, 2010 / Memphis Blues Society Jam Session, Sept. 16, 2010 at Neil's Bar and Grill - 1835 Madison in mid-town Memphis.

For any photo nuts, shot at ISO 3200. All pix © 2010 Joe Dempsey.

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  • JOE8732
    Red Velvet, a Beale professional street singer, belts it out. She has a great set of pipes and is a fine performer.
  • JOE8856
    Red Velvet, and legendary bassi player, Leo Goff. Goff has a day job as owner of a British car shop. He is a world class bass player and is constantly in demand as suc.
  • JOE8941
    The entire impromptu band, sans the keyboard player, a professional musician, Ramona McKnight.
  • JOE8957
    Red and Leo, one mo' time.
  • JOE8993
    Guitarist Josh Roberts tours with the Reba Russell band out of Memphis. When he is in town, he visits the jam sessions. At a young age, Josh's guitar licks raise the hair on the back of your neck.
  • JOE8994
    Mo' Josh.
  • JOE9005
    Still yet, mo' Josh.
  • JOE9032
    The band has been joined by a professional bass player, "Evil," a player of excellence. He was invited to the stage. When he got there, Leo surrendered his bass and started warbling the blues.
  • JOE9049
    Guitarist Greg Gumpel and Evil. Greg took a long ride during which my heart rate reached stratopheric levels. It was impossible not to bounce one's head and keep fingers and feet moving during this performance/
  • JOE9062
    Josh is back.
  • JOE9076
    Greg and Evil laying down the sound. There is some serious karma working here.
  • JOE9089
    Leo is joined by Victor Wainwright, a band leader and highly talented and sought after keyboard player. He is also a great blues singer and overall entertainer.
  • JOE9108
    More serious blues. In the background, drummer, Brian Wells, a professional IT guy holds his own well with his professional musician counterparts. He is also a bass player.
  • JOE9122
    Leo and Victor cuttin'-up.
  • JOE9176
    Red and Leo are going at each other much to the delight of the audience.
  • JOE9199
    Victor and Leo, at it again.
  • JOE9257
    Can you see the ZZ-Top similarity here?