Weekly Grist Gallery, January 29, 2011

A shaggy cow story, and more

A trip down County Road 77 in Grant County Arkansas lead to discovering a herd of shaggy cows. Continuing the trip down Stagecoach Road also in Grant County, we came across a fire and some spectators. See the stories for these pictures at Corndancer dot-com and Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind.

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  • JOE5500 JOE5500
    Bambi, left and Blondie, right, are Scottish Highland cows. They live and graze on County Road 77 in Grant County, Arkansas. The farm is owned by Jimmy Michael doing business as the "Shaggy Cattle Company."
  • JOE5512 JOE5512
    Bambi must have said something that hacked Blondie.
  • JOE5495 JOE5495
    This is Clint, one of two bulls Jimmy has in his herd. The two bulls are well separated by a road and a couple of fences. Clint snorts at his neighbor bull across the road.
  • JOE5513 JOE5513
    Scottish Highland cattle have the endurance and stamina of a Yak and the temperament of a Labrador Retriever according to most authorities. When I drove up, these two wandered up to the fence to check me out.
  • JOE5536 JOE5536
    This is Bambi in the foreground. Clint, the bull and Blondie, a sister cow, are in the background.
  • JOE5545 JOE5545
    Clint the bull.
  • JOE5549-3 JOE5549-3
    Bambi. Notice her bangs.
  • JOE5575 JOE5575
    Blondie attempts to grab a bite of Clint's food. He whacked her horns with his and she decided not to pursue further attempts.
  • JOE5587-4 JOE5587-4
    Jimmy Michael, proprietor.
  • JOE5614 JOE5614
    Jimmy and Bambi in the background. Jimmy and his late wife, Brenda, started the herd with two cattle in 1999 on a 127 acre farm on County Road 77 in Grant County, Arkansas.
  • JOE5650 JOE5650
    One of Jimmys neighbors keeps donkeys. These two jennies seem to enjoy each others company.
  • JOE6385 JOE6385
    The trip continued on Stage Coach Road, in Grant County where I came upon some fire fighters from the Cane Creek Volunteer Fire Department who had successfully battled a brush fire.
  • JOE6382 JOE6382
    James Henry who lives close to the area of the fire came rolling up to check out the action on his four-wheeler. His faihful companion and passenger is "Cocoa," who was abandoned in the area. James quickly tells you just how good Cocoa is. "Best dog in the world," he says. She licked my fingers when we met.
  • JOE6387 JOE6387
    James Wagner, of the Arkansas Forestry Commission, was at the fire scene in his official capacity. He and James Henry are discussing the fire. Cocoa listens in.
  • JOE6394 JOE6394
    Cocoa, James and James.

JOE5500 JOE5500

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